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Long Term Care

Long term care is often required as a result of age, severe injury, or when a person’s condition means it’s no longer practical for them to live independently. It assists with the performance of daily activities such as dressing, bathing, cooking, and even moving around. Whether it be due to physical frailty, mental incapacity, or both, moving into a professional and fully equipped care facility is often the right choice to ensure the safest possible environment and best possible quality of life for your loved ones.

Long Term Care Specialised Services

Faircape Health offers a wide range of services to long term residents in a homely environment. Long term residents have access to a comprehensive and balanced activity programmes run by Occupational Therapists based at each centre. These activity programmes offer residents opportunities for social engagement, physical exercise, intellectual stimulation and fun through music, dance, pet therapy, games, armchair travel, debates, discussions, quizzes, exercise groups, outings and more.

In addition to a busy activity schedule, long term residents enjoy balanced and nutritious meals approved by a registered dietitian. The meals are enhanced by regular themed catering around special events and noteworthy days in the year.

At Faircape Health, we focus on and value the person – who they are, who they were, and we respect and honour our residents and the contributions they make and have made in their lives. Our staff build special relationships with residents that helps our residents to feel like they belong and they are at home with us.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation is a medical, physical and psychological rehabilitation program for individuals with chronic pain. It includes a strong exercise focus, helping patients gain pain relief, strength, endurance and flexibility.

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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric rehabilitation aims to restore function, enhance residual functional capability, restore lost function where possible, and improve the quality of life, especially for those who are frail.

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation focuses on improving one’s function, reducing neurological symptoms and improving the wellbeing of people who have experienced a neurological event or have been diagnosed with a neurological condition.

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Oncology Rehabilitation (Cancer Care)

Oncology rehabilitation helps people with cancer or recovering from cancer to maintain, improve and restore physical and emotional well-being. This form of rehabilitation focuses on reducing or eliminating side-effects of cancer treatment and improving survivors’ quality of life.

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Our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Approach

Clinical evidence shows that treatment outcomes are best when treatment is administered by an MDT incorporating a variety of practitioners. At Faircape Health, we bring together healthcare professionals from different fields to collaborate on treatment plans for optimal clinical outcomes in the outpatient healthcare setting. Primary and allied healthcare practitioners combine their specialities to administer the most comprehensive treatment plans available.

Nursing and care staff participate in regular training events to keep their skills up to date to be able to deliver the best care to long term residents in an environment that enhances wellbeing.

Hospital Facilities for Long Term Care

At Faircape Health, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in providing long term care in a world class setting. In order to achieve this we use specialised treatment modalities, hospital facilities, and specialised clinicians you can learn more about below

Our Long Term Care Locations

At Faircape Health we continue to expand our offerings and locations to provide world-class care to as many South Africans as possible. See our various Long Term Care (Chronic Care & Frail Care) facilities located in the Western Cape below:

Bridgewater Manor Healthcare Centre, situated within Bridgewater Manor Retirement Village, offers world class healthcare and facilities.

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Clé du Cap Healthcare Centre, situated within Clé du Cap Retirement Village, offers world class healthcare and facilities.

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Heritage Manor Healthcare Centre, situated within Heritage Manor Retirement Village, offers world class healthcare and facilities.

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Onrus Manor Healthcare Centre, situated with Onrus Manor Retirement Village, offers world class healthcare and facilities.

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Noordhoek Manor Healthcare Centre, situated within Noordhoek Manor Retirement Village, offers world class healthcare and facilities.

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Faircape Health at Tokai Estate provides restorative care and rehabilitation for those recovering from injury or surgery.

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