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Our dementia, alzheimer’s & frail care services provide long term care and support to those in an assisted living environment. Palliative care, administered at Faircape Health, optimises comfort and quality of life.
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At Faircape Health, we have segmented our services into care divisions of excellence, to ensure our clinicians are highly skilled and experienced for every condition we treat, using only the best and latest technology.

We’ve built an environment and assembled a team that operates as one unit – an ecosystem of sorts – where everyone equally utilises and leverages one another’s skills and capabilities to better the final outcome for all of our patients.

We believe in working as an interdisciplinary team. This team comprises professionals from various disciplines who work in collaboration to address a patient with multiple physical and psychological needs. 

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The core function of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) is to offer value-based healthcare. We bring together a group of healthcare professionals from different fields in order to determine the best treatment plans and technology to result in optimum clinical outcomes.

Our Locations

Faircape Health offers world-class care at 6 prime locations across the Western Cape. We afford you the opportunity to rest, recover, and recuperate amid scenic surrounds in some of the world’s most beautiful locales. Each Faircape Health centre is perfectly positioned to provide care in complete comfort.​

Tokai Estate

Tokai, Cape Town

Faircape Retirement

The Faircape Group has exceptional retirement villages located across the Western Cape. Our villages offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes in tranquil garden settings, ensuring a secure and peaceful environment with facilities specifically tailored for active, vibrant people of 50 years and over.