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The Faircape Health Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) includes dietetics to support optimal health. This includes nutritional planning and supplement regimens uniquely tailored to each person’s individual needs where necessary.

Meet Our Dietitian

Dietetic care ensures patients receive optimised nutritional intake to support their best possible health. Over-and-above nutritional planning and supplementation in a traditional sense, this involves pre-mastication of meals for those who require minced, soft, and pureed meals.

There is a dietitian based at the facility who is dedicated to ensuring that her patients get the best nutrition possible to assist in their rehabilitation. The dietitian sees patients on a referral basis and looks at strategies to improve overall nutrition. During the patients stay, she will implement short term measures to ensure that adequate nutrition is provided to support recovery. On discharge, she will provide guidelines for continued nutritional support.

Toni Smyth

Toni Smyth

Toni Smyth is the lead dietitian at Faircape Health. She has over 15 years experience and has worked in various fields of nutrition, both locally and abroad. Toni has worked at the facility since its opening and has a great understanding of the role that good nutrition plays in patient rehabilitation. She believes in implementing an achievable and sustainable nutritional plan that is patient specific.