Seated & Standing Exercises for Quarantine

As we face what we hope will be the last few weeks in quarantine in South Africa, we are aware that our senior citizens remain the most vulnerable to the ongoing threat of Covid-19.

As such, it’s of paramount importance that we keep our community of Faircape Residents and Families healthy and strong through regular exercise. 


We also understand that continued self-isolation and limited exposure to the outside world are the safest choice for many.  This means we all need to put in some time at home. 


Remember – inactivity puts you at higher risk for developing cardiovascular and other medical complications. These can threaten your independence and ultimately leave you needing a higher level of care from your family and those around you. 


We are fortunate enough to have some fantastic home exercise programs which don’t require any special equipment. These have been shared with us by HNA physiotherapy, and we recommend them as a great place to start your home exercise program, or as supplementary exercises that you can do at any time. 


 In the kind words of HNA Physiotherapy, “Through these basic exercise programs, we hope to add value to the lives and health of your residents as we all do our part as South Africans to combat the COVID-19 pandemic” 


To access these videos, simply follow the links below.


Seated exercises:

Standing exercises:

Circulatory exercises:


We hope these exercises will help you stay fit and active during these strange times. 



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