Respite Care: 4 Things Family Should Understand

Respite care gives families short-term relief to manage the strain and stress of being a caregiver at home.

What is Respite Care? 

This type of care provided by Faircape Health gives temporary relief for the family, giving them the chance to take a much needed break. The length of stay is dependent on how much of a break the caregiver needs. Therefore, it’s ideal for those who may not be able to afford long term care, or for families who don’t want to be separated for too long.

Respite care gives families a chance to recuperate.
Respite care gives families a chance to recuperate.

What is Respite Care for the Elderly (65 Years+)?

It is a specialised type of care that takes into account the needs of older people who are unable to live independently. Gentle, compassionate professionals with experience are needed. Faircape Health staff can help Alzheimer’s & dementia patients, frail individuals, and those with impaired mobility.

Types of Respite Services

Faircape Health takes care of all patient needs during his or her short-term stay. For instance, primary medical needs, companionship, supervision, mobility, healthy meals, emergency response, and personal (one-on-one) attention. 

Benefits of Respite Care

Taking time apart can be very healing for everyone. It allows caregivers like spouses, adult children, siblings, and friends the chance to recharge. This type of care gives everyone the chance to step away and get some space to relax and renew their sense of purpose. It helps to prevent caregiver burnout.

It’s Okay To Get Help (9 Questions to Ask Yourself)

  1. Do you regularly feel physically or emotionally drained?
  2. Are you worried about what will happen to your loved one during an emergency?
  3. Do you find yourself more easily irritated by small things?
  4. Have you been neglecting your own needs?
  5. Have you recently gained or lost significant weight in short periods of time?
  6. Do you feel resentment towards other family members who could help you but don’t?
  7. Is your social life suffering?
  8. Do you endure feelings of helplessness?
  9. Have you begun to engage in self-destructive habits like gambling or drinking to soothe your stress?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be time to consider giving yourself a break

Pet therapy is helpful as part of respite care at Faircape Health.
Pet therapy is helpful as part of respite care at Faircape Health.

Faircape Health (5 Star Support)

Our excellent facilities are designed for comfort. That’s why we provide comprehensive care from a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) in scenic, Cape Town environments to make care as therapeutic as possible. Additionally, our services include Pet Therapy.

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