Faircape Health Visiting Rooms

It’s been 101 days since the start of the South African National Lockdown, and our Healthcare centres have been closed to visitors for a little over two weeks longer than that.

In this time South Africa has seen over 70 000 new cases of Covid-19! We at Faircape have gone to great lengths to protect our healthcare patients, as they are among the most vulnerable. However, we need to do more than just protect their physical health and keep them safe from a pandemic. We also need to protect their mental and emotional health.

We realised that Skype calls and letters (although they are much appreciated) are not enough. So we took it upon ourselves to build a special visitors room at every Healthcare Centre.

What we have done is create a small, comfortable sitting room with a glass pane dividing it in two. With the use of an intercom and separate entrances, the families and friends of our long-term patients can now visit them in person.

The results have been dynamic – with our patients very pleased to see their families in person once more! After a patient’s friends and family have been it is easy to see how their spirits are lifted.

If you have a friend or family member staying at one of our facilities, please don’t hesitate to book a visiting time. It will mean the world to them!


Below please find the booking forms for each village.
Please ensure you use the correct booking form for the healthcare facility where your family member is residing.

Tokai Health

Visitor Booking Form 

Cle Du Cap Health

Visitor Booking Form 

Noordhoek Health

Visitor Booking Form 

Bridgewater Health

Visitor Booking Form 

Heritage Health

Visitor Booking Form

Onrus Health

Visitor Booking Form

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