May Letter from our CEO

We are now going into our sixth week of lockdown!

Friends and family have stoically borne the prohibition of visiting their loved ones with no complaints and incredible cooperation.

For this, we must thank you.

I hope that you have availed yourselves of the opportunity of chatting with your loved ones and friends over wi-fi through the technology that has been made available to all residents who have requested it.

We read with increasing concern the devastation that has been wrecked in care homes in Europe. I have little doubt that you must be wondering how safe your family and friends are under our care…

You might recall that even before the lockdown was announced, we had put up notices in our healthcare warning of the new virus and requesting that visitors observe sanitation procedures. We limited visits to our residents the moment the full dangers of Covid-19 became known.

It’s important to advise you that we have spared no expense ensuring that our staff are appropriately equipped with the correct PPE (personal protective equipment). We have invested almost R 2 million in the last 7 weeks in masks, gloves, plastic coveralls, face shields, head-covers, and hazmat suits. 

Steven Frankal has been involved almost full-time sourcing and managing the logistics of obtaining very scarce equipment.

We have hired and purchased other equipment including oxygen generators and oxygen masks.

We have ensured that our carers have been trained on Covid-19 policies and procedures.

All staff go through a screening procedure and a stringent test for correct and sanitised PPE on shift change.

We have redeployed our support teams to help augment our nursing staff in managing the surveillance of our sanitation procedures.

Our staff have been advised to treat every staff member as an infection risk. Wherever possible, we have reinforced the concept of the risks that Covid-19 presents to our very vulnerable residents and our staff themselves. 

You are all no doubt aware that the majority of our staff come from homes with multiple occupants. It is really difficult for those staff to socially distance.

This has meant that we all need to be significantly more vigilant in managing the risks that this presents.

Our staff have been amazing by tirelessly, and without complaint, wearing masks all day, face shields and plastic coveralls. They have willingly embraced the extra precautions that have had to be introduced to keep themselves and their residents as safe as possible.

I do believe that we have the best-equipped staff in South Africa. I say this only so that you are left in no doubt that no expense or effort has been spared in making the environment for both residents and staff as safe as it possibly can be.

Our clinical team is in communication with the Department of Health, and the clinical teams at all the big hospital groups, so that they are up-to-date with all clinical information being circulated as it happens.

We do believe that the worst effects of the virus have yet to be felt in Cape Town, but also believe that we are as prepared as we ever can be.

Thank you once again for the incredibly positive support we have received from all our families and residents.


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