Faircape Health


Tokai Health Pharmacy, an institutional pharmacy serving all Faircape Health facilities and Faircape Life retirement Villages, is part of AlphaPharm Pharmacies. Our Pharmacy provides quality pharmaceutical care to our patients. We strive to ensure the safe, accurate, rational, and cost-effective use of medicine.


The pharmacist collaborates with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient. In our multidisciplinary team, the pharmacist contributes by being accountable and assuming responsibility within their scope of professional competence, to add value to individual patient care.

Pharmacy services include the following:

Meet our Pharmacists

Nafeesa Fortune

Nafeesa Fortune is a qualified post basic pharmacist assistant. She is passionate about procurement and ensuring we meet all of our patients' pharmaceutical needs.

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Tasriq Malherbe

Tasriq Malherbe is a qualified basic pharmacist assistant. He completed his studies at S Buys Academy in 2018 and has over 10 years of experience in hospital requirements, procedure and the procurement of medications

Annika Theron

Annika is a responsible pharmacist at Tokai Health Pharmacy. She obtained her degree at Nelson Mandela University in 2014. She is a trained haematology and oncology pharmacist and is passionate about hospital pharmacy.

How to order from Tokai Health Pharmacy?

We offer an easy order and collect system to all our customers. Orders or prescriptions can be emailed to pharmacy@tokaihealthpharmacy.co.za

Please include the following details:

Tokai Estate – We offer free delivery for all orders.

We will inform you once your order is ready for collection.

We are registered with medical aids and accept card payments. Unfortunately, no cash payments are accepted.

For in-patients:

You can order all your pharmaceutical / personal care needs from our pharmacy during your stay at Faircape Health.