Update: Faircape Health’s Covid-19 Policy

Faircape Health Update: 19 March 2020


Dear Faircape Health Care Families,

We are all aware of the escalation in the number of people infected with Covid 19.

There is substantial evidence that the people most at risk of becoming very ill after being infected are the older age group and especially those who have prior illnesses which further affects their ability to fight infection.


First world health systems in Italy and the UK have battled to manage the influx of infected people into their hospitals. There are reports of running out of available beds, and most importantly ventilators and trained staff to manage them. Sadly, without ventilators to manage the really ill, there is only one outcome.


South Africa has nowhere near the number of ventilators and ICU beds available to manage even a percentage of the projected severe cases that are likely to eventuate.


There is only one possible solution. We have to try our very best to prevent infection in the first place.


We have taken a number of steps to minimise the spread of infection in the Health Cares and amongst other things, have limited visitation to one person per resident.


As the infection rate climbs, it is increasingly more likely that some of our visitors will be infected. The risk of reinfecting any one of our residents will become more likely and with that, the risk of infecting others in our facility.


Our medical team met this morning and agreed that infection control is of critical importance and that all steps possible must be taken to control this risk.


The team has agreed that one of the key components to managing the infection risk is to limit access to the facilities.


We have therefore reluctantly concluded that as from Monday 23rd at 07H00, visitors will no longer be allowed access to our Health Care.


We realise that this is a drastic step and one that is likely to have a significant impact on families.


We intend to put measures in place to ensure loved ones can be accessed via Face-time or Skype by means of mobile devices which we will make available for residents to use.


Details of how to get personal items to residents, and updates from the nursing staff on the residents wellbeing during this time, will be made available shortly.


Please be assured: 

  • We have implemented strict controls over all of our staff accessing the facility.
  • Staff are a necessity, and we need them to manage our residents.
  • We will limit the number of staff accessing the facility to the extent that we can.
  • We have ensured that all staff understand the necessity of wearing masks, washing their hands, and are trained on infection control and social distancing.
  • We can manage our staff and control their daily procedures in a clinical manner.
  • We do not have this level of control over visitors.

We sincerely regret this drastic measure but I am sure you will agree that we have very little option if we are to fulfil our mandate of delivering the very best care to your loved ones in a safe environment.


We will keep you updated of any changes that occur.

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