Elder Abuse Awareness

Awareness Day

Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2019 is held on June 15th. Abuse of the elderly affects health, human rights and can cause death. Claims of mistreatment should always be investigated. Keep reading to find out what signs to look for.


The Rights of the Elderly

Understanding the rights of the elderly is the first step towards raising awareness.



  • Encouraging independence in older persons promotes positive feelings and helps them to feel that they have a definite purpose in life.



  • The integration of older persons in society is important as they’re vulnerable to exclusion.



  • Access to healthcare, social and legal services enhances the protection and care of older persons.



  • Educational and recreational resources are opportunities for the full development of their potential.



  • Older persons should be treated fairly and valued independently of their economic contribution.


What is elder abuse?

It is the mistreatment of an older person who can’t fend for themselves. There are various forms of abuse, including neglecting to care for an elderly person.


What are the signs of elder abuse?

Physical signs:

  • bruises, scratches, cuts
  • malnutrition
  • lack of medical care

Behavioural signs:

  • withdrawal
  • fear and anxiety

Claims of mistreatment should always be investigated.


Who to contact if you notice signs of elder abuse

Action on Elder Abuse SA
Email: action@actiononelderabusesa.co.za
Tel: 021 426-5255

Halt Elder Abuse Line (HEAL)
Toll-free: 0800 00 30 81


Faircape Health acts as a support system to the community by:

  • Providing training for home carers and family members to properly care for the elderly,
  • Placing you with carers we trust, and
  • Creating awareness of elder abuse in our communities.


Step-down facilities

We understand caring for an elder isn’t always possible. We have the expertise to look after your loved ones for you.

Find peace of mind with Faircape Health.

Phone: +27 21 815 5700 | healthcare@faircape.co.za




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