Pumping Life Back In: A Cardiac Rehab Success Story

Faircape Health Tokai Rehabilitation is a purpose-built healthcare facility. Our medical services are segmented into specialised care divisions, ensuring the highest level of care.  Through comprehensive, supervised, and goal-orientated rehabilitation, our multidisciplinary team improves the functional level of a patient.

A vital organ, the heart requires maintenance and care. After a cardiovascular event, such as heart failure, a heart attack, angioplasty, or heart surgery, cardiac rehabilitation is necessary. One of our specialised programmes is cardiac rehabilitation. This medically supervised programme is designed to improve cardiovascular health through healthy activity regimens, balanced meal plans, and healthy stress relief. 

A patient in his advanced years was admitted to Faircape Health Tokai Rehabilitation earlier this year. After being hospitalised for pneumonia, a heart infection, heart failure, kidney failure, and finally open-heart surgery to replace the aortic valve, he was in need of focused cardiac rehabilitation.

As an active 80 year old, the change in daily function was jarring. Upon entering the facility, he was assessed by our rehabilitation team, and using evidence based assessment measures,  the team, together with the patient, set his rehab goals. These included his in-patient and out-patient goals: 

  • To be able to walk 100m on his own without help
  • To climb up and down 1 flight of stairs

Our clinical evidence shows that treatment outcomes are best when administered by a multi-disciplinary team that incorporates a variety of rehabilitation practitioners. Faircape Health Tokai’s cardiac rehabilitation programme includes three equally important parts:

Exercise, education, and counselling

  • Exercise ensures the entire cardiovascular system works correctly. This promotes heart health. 
  • Education on heart healthy living includes better habits and healthy nutrition.
  • Counselling helps identify and tackle everyday sources of stress.

After successfully completing two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation, the patient achieved his goals and was able to return home. His rehabilitation as an outpatient continued for another ten weeks. The goal of his outpatient rehabilitation programme was to re-integrate into his physical and social lifestyle as per his pre-cardiac event. This included being able to return to an active lifestyle of playing bowls and participating in bridge without experiencing any lower back pain.

As strong proponents of the value of a team-based approach to cardiac rehabilitation in an acute-setting, we are thrilled to have been part of the journey of helping an individual regain their life after a significant health event.

Find out more about our cardiac rehabilitation programme and Faircape Health.

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