Significantly enhance your quality of life and extend your longevity

Adding life to your years with Faircape Health

Physiotherapy can significantly improve the health and quality of your life. As we age, naturally, our physical function and mobility will deteriorate. Through interventions, physiotherapy addresses not only age-related diseases but also encourages functional independence. Faircape Health strives to continually remain “committed to excellence” through our healthcare.

Physical therapists promote, maintain, and restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, and health promotion. Physiotherapy, a side-effect-free, drugless stream of treatment, can be provided as a primary care treatment or alongside and in conjunction with other medical services. We  highlight how physiotherapy can help you remain physically fit and help you enjoy a satisfying life as you age.

Why you need physiotherapy as you age AND How it will improve your life

Improved Mobility 

Physiotherapy interventions focus on enhancing strength, flexibility, and coordination, enabling anyone to regain and maintain their independence. A person’s ability to walk, climb stairs, and carry out daily activities safely can be improved with the help of physiotherapists through individualised exercise programmes, mobility aids, and balance training. Physiotherapy for older adults and individuals who have experienced trauma can instil confidence in daily motion and activity and enables them to engage in social and recreational activities more actively.

Preventing falls and Improving balance

Falls are a major concern for older adults and can result in severe injuries and a loss of independence. By assessing your balance and identifying any risk factors, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in fall prevention. Balance, coordination and strength can be enhanced through an individualised physiotherapy exercise program. 

Pain Management 

Physiotherapy offers non-pharmacological approaches to managing pain, including manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and modalities like heat or cold therapy. Among adults, chronic pain is a common issue. For many of us, our work lives involve extended periods of sitting behind a desk. This immobility can put strain on our bodies, affecting our posture, legs, and even our respiration. By targeting the underlying causes of pain and employing evidence-based interventions, physiotherapists can alleviate discomfort, improve joint mobility, and enhance overall physical function. 

In older adults, arthritis, osteoporosis or previous injuries are common areas of pain and discomfort. Physiotherapy offers pain management strategies tailored to your specific needs. Physiotherapy can guide you in performing exercises that strengthen supporting muscles and relieve stress on affected joints, leading to long-term pain relief.

A Complement to Medical Treatment

Physiotherapy can complement medical treatment by providing targeted exercises and lifestyle modifications to manage conditions effectively. They work closely with other healthcare professionals to develop comprehensive care plans that address specific needs and optimise overall health and well-being. Physiotherapists can aid in enhancing general cardiovascular fitness, lowering blood pressure, improving heart and lung function, and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, the social interaction and support provided by physiotherapy sessions can contribute to a sense of belonging and improved emotional health.

Physiotherapy can be used to aid in and improve mobility, balance, pain management, and mental and emotional well-being. At Faircape Health, we uphold the highest standards of care, delivering an evidence based, innovative approach to physical rehabilitation. 

Our dynamic team of physiotherapists is specialised in multiple areas, including:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Oncological Rehabilitation
  • ICU Survivor Rehabilitation

Faircape Health also offers hydrotherapy, amputation, and geriatric rehabilitation.

By combining world-class healthcare provision with the comforts of premium hospitality, Faircape Health and Tokai Physiotherapy Inc. provide support, comfort, safety, and wellness in a stress free environment.

Physiotherapy sessions provide social interaction and emotional support, which can alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression often experienced by the elderly. Regular exercise and engagement in physical activities have been shown to boost mood, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function.

Here are a few ideas on how to add mobility into you everyday activities:

  • When running errands, park your car a distance from the entrance.
  • Walk around when you are talking on the phone.
  • Climb a few stairs instead of taking the elevator. 
  • When you’re watching TV, walk in place during commercials 
  • If you’re in the kitchen, dance while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew. 
  • Play outside with your grandchildren or pets.
  • Clean the house.
  • Work in the yard or garden. 
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