Sub-acute care & Rehabilitation

Therapist Checking Senior Woman’s Arm in Physical Therapy Office

Intervention and care provided is comprehensive, supervised, goal-oriented and aimed at improving the functional level of a patient to the point where the patient may be discharged home or to a lower level of care.

We offer physical & medical rehabilitation, following treatment and hospitalisation for a variety of conditions






Patients will have access to the services of:

We render specialised nursing and allied professional health care within an on-site multidisciplinary team


• Mobilisation and assistance with basic activities of daily living
• Medication administration and complex pain management
• Specialised wound management
• Non-acute intravenous support
• Nutrition and PEG feeding tube support over and above dietician approved meals
• Bowel and bladder training, incontinence support, colostomy and urinary catheter care
• Pulmonary support including oxygen therapy and nebulisation
• Hydrotherapy
• Dialysis


• Private single rooms with a wheelchair accessible en suite toilet
• Access to wheelchair / disabled friendly assisted showers and bathrooms
• Comfortable lounge and dining areas
• Recovery Facility


The referring doctor should complete the admission application document (forms available from our case manager. The doctor will email this application & provide all relevant information to our case manager at

Once received, medical aid authorisation for the admission will be obtained. Note: Authorisation from the medical aid takes up to 72-hours depending on the medical aid applicable

Once authorisation has been granted the patient will be transferred via ambulance to our healthcare.

Respite Care

Respite care services allow for short term period of care. This may be purely a relief for caregiver or family as required. Furthermore admission for pain relief after a medical treatment or procedure is possible.

Palliative Care

  • We aim to improve the quality of life of those facing terminal illness, and ensure that they are pain free and as comfortable as possible.
  • We provide palliative trained nursing staff to offer a specialised approach to end of life care.
  • Our facilities are equipped to deal with any palliative care need or duration of stay required.