Faircape Health Occupational Therapy Services for long-term patients

The on-site Occupational Therapist (OT) is responsible for providing a comprehensive therapeutic activity programme on both a group and an individual level.
The programme in question is aimed at improving and maintaining:

  • Quality of life
  • Mental functioning
  • Social functioning
  • Psychological functioning
  • Physical functioning

The OT assesses each resident to determine their abilities and needs and prescribes and plans the programme accordingly.
The following modalities are integrated into the programme:

  • Multisensory stimulation
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Exercise
  • More

The following individual health or therapeutic needs are also addressed by the OT:

  • Fall prevention
  • Assistive device prescription
  • Compensatory/adaptive communication strategies
  • Task adaptation
  • Training and support for staff
  • Education and counselling for residents or family members

Occupational Therapy Services available to village residents

Although based in the Healthcare Centre, upon referral, the Faircape Health OT is also available for individual consultation with village residents.
Referrals can be made based on needs related to the following:

  • Fall risk
  • Home safety
  • Assistive devices
  • Home and task adaptation
  • Individual activity planning with cognitive impairment
  • Driving ability concerns
  • If ongoing rehabilitation is required, the services of an external OT will be recommended.

Occupational Therapy Services available to sub-acute patients

The Occupational Therapy services for sub-acute patients are provided by an external private OT who visits or is based at the Faircape Health facility.

The role of the OT for sub-acute patients is to set appropriate and realistic goals for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation goals in Occupational Therapy involve restoring one’s ability and functioning to the highest possible level after illness or injury. Participation in basic daily activities of life, including work and society, is commonly disrupted by illness or injury. The OT will work with the sub-acute patient to ensure that they are able to participate in these important and meaningful activities again.

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