Faircape Health

Discharge Planners

The discharge planner’s primary function is coordination with patient, family, rehabilitation/care team, resources and services in order to facilitate transition of the patient from the health facility to their home or community.

Meet Our Discharge Planner

Our discharge planner is a registered Social Worker who functions as a consultant for the discharge planning process. The discharge planner is able to assess the risk of unsafe discharges and make appropriate referrals to support the continuity of care, improve patient satisfaction and aid efficiency of service provision.

Daryn Jones

Daryn Jones

Daryn is passionate about helping individuals, families, groups, and  communities meet their basic needs and enhance their well-being. At Faircape Health, she assists patients and their families in navigating the changes they may experience following disease or injury upon discharge. She enjoys working with a multi-disciplinary team in order to meet the various needs of patients. Daryn holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Cape Town.