Long Term Care

  • We are an experienced and long-standing group of care providers.
  • All healthcare centres are licensed by both the Department of Health and Department of Social development, enabling the provision of frail care, dementia care, and palliative care.
  • We provide an extensively trained staff, comprehensive activity programmes and safe and secure environment.

Each Centre Offers:

  • 24 hour specialized trained staff dedicated to the care of each resident with compassion and integrity
  • Patient centered care adapted around the specific and individualized needs of each resident
  • Advanced technology to ensure optimum safety and professionalism, such as camera monitoring, an electronic care plan provider, and a silent nurse call system.
  • Attractive, spacious outdoor areas for recreational activity and relaxation
  • A multidisciplinary team who meet regularly and provide support to the nursing staff regarding health promotion, illness and fall prevention.
  • A dedicated on site Occupational Therapist who provides a comprehensive activity programme aimed at mental and physical stimulation and improving quality of life.
  • Access to a dedicated emergency services provider in the case of an emergency or transfer to hospital.

Long term Admission procedure:

  • A detailed application procedure is required to assess whether each resident is suitable for the Health Care Centre. Suitability relates to whether the appropriate level of centre can be provided by the facility for the individual’s long term primary health care needs.
  • All enquiries for admission are submitted for a comprehensive assessment by a medical professional.
  • Recommendations are then made for care.
  • The applications are then reviewed by the company medical doctor and an individualised healthcare contract is provided based on the clinical approval.
  • Certain individuals may require an additional level of private care, especially when recommending for Dementia care.
  • Certain specialised and psychiatric conditions are not suitable for healthcare, and a recommendation is offered for an alternative.
  • Admissions are limited to office hours on weekdays with a turn around time of up to 24 hours.

**If consent for admission by an applicant cannot be ethically or legally obtained then admission will not be permitted.

**Admissions requiring emergency medical treatment will not be permitted, and alternative hospital providers will be utilised if an applicant is found to be in urgent need of care.

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