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Committed to Excellence
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Faircape Health centres are here for your patients. Our healthcare professionals are committed to providing the best possible

care for patients, and are supported by a complete team of collaborative and innovative multidisciplinary teams.

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Sr. Karin Louwrens

Group Senior Nursing Services Manager
+27 60 997 6209

Sr. Sone Johnson

Healthcare Coordinator
+27 66 475 6622

Faircape Medical Practice

We are a team of doctors based at Faircape Health Centre, Tokai. As a sub-acute facility, we see people who are in the recovery and rehabilitation period of illness. We help patients transition from hospital to home and provide support for the physical and emotional challenges during this period. Our role as doctors is to ensure that people are medically safe and well enough to get the maximum benefit from our rehab therapists. We ensure that patients are improving medically and liaise closely with hospital physicians and surgeons. We also assist with palliative and end-of-life care. We are an integral part of the rehab team and work very closely with the other rehab professionals to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.
Doctor Jason McArthur, MBChB

Dr Jason McArthur is Faircape Medical's Practice Manager with a special interest in improving efficiencies within the healthcare sector by improving clinical outcomes.

Dr McArthur joins Faircape Medical after serving as the founder and medical director of Ingress Healthcare for several years.

Doctor Nicole Snyders, MBChB, FCFP

Dr Nicci Snyders is a Family Physician who is passionate about seeing holistic healing for people.

Dr Snyders has great compassion for the elderly, who make up a large proportion of our admissions. Her interests are internal medicine, geriatrics and mental health.

Doctor Chrystal Johnson, MBChB

Dr. Chrystal Johnson is a general practitioner with diverse clinical experience in family practice, emergency medicine, surgery and paediatric surgery.

She strives to provide compassionate, patient-centred care. She prides herself on her professionalism and ethical conduct. She is personable, empathetic to the concerns of her patients and values collaborative teamwork.

Doctor L'oreal Snyders MBChB, FCFP

Dr L'oreal Snyders is a family physician who is passionate about seeing patients concentrating on a biopsychosocial approach, seeing the whole person not just the disease or impairment.

She is passionate about working in a multidisciplinary team. Her interests include internal medicine, palliative care and many other disciplines in medicine.

Doctor Jian-Hong Chen, MBChB, Dip HIV Man

Doctor Jian-Hong Chen is a general practitioner who has a variety of experience in the medical field ranging from acute stabilisation to in hospital chronic management as well as intensive care treatment. He is particularly passionate about internal medicine with a special interest in endocrinology and nephrology. He strives to provide optimal care to his patients as well as develop a good doctor-patient relationship in order to accommodate their individual medical needs.

Faircape Medical Inc Practice Number – 0907634

Tel: 021 001 8291

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Address: Tokai Estate, Corner of Vans Road & Windsor Place, Tokai, 7945

Tokai Healthcare
Vans Road
Cape Town
Western Cape
Tel: 021 001 8291

Onrus Healthcare
Chanteclair Drive
Western Cape

Tel: 028 316 5000

Cle Du Cap Healthcare
Pollsmoor Road
Cape Town
Western Cape
Tel: 021 702 8226

Bridgewater Healthcare
1 Andries Pretorius Street
Somerset West
Western Cape
Tel: 021 850 2251

Noordhoek Healthcare
Corner of Paddock Drive
and Silvermine Road
Cape Town
Western Cape
Tel: 021 787 0198

Heritage Manor Healthcare
Hazelden Drive
Heritage Park
Somerset West
Cape Town
Western Cape
Tel: 021 851 4305

Our Team

Doctor Jason McArthur

Medical Doctor

Doctor Nicole Snyders

Medical Doctor

Doctor Chrystal Johnson

Medical Doctor

Doctor L'oreal Snyders

Medical Doctor

Doctor Jian-Hong Chen

Medical Doctor

Sr. Karin Louwrens

Group Senior Nursing Services Manager

Sr .Christelle Du Plessis

Nursing Services Manager at Onrus Manor

Sr. Madelein Calitz

Nursing Services Manager at Tokai Estate

Sr. Marisa Curran

Nursing Services Manager at Bridgewater Manor

Sr. Anne-Marie van Greunen

Nursing Services Manager at Heritage Manor

Sr. Angela van Heerden

Nursing Services Manager at Noordhoek Manor

Sone Johnson

Healthcare Co-ordinator

Andrea Zanetti

OT Department & Training Manager

Toni Smyth

Group Dietitian

Juanee Pretorius

Group Social Worker

Titia Meiring

Group Catering Manager

Lezandri de Wit

Housekeeping Manager

Shayleen Newman

Housekeeping Manager