Getting (Medically) Summer Ready

A prepared medical kit

Getting medically summer ready is a daunting task, especially with summer holidays around the corner and the warm and sunny beaches calling your name. Thinking about what to pack in your travel medical kit and getting all the necessary items is quick and easy at a Faircape Health Pharmacy. Our pharmacist’s guide to your medical travel kit is here to help! Let us walk you through the steps of getting your medical travel kit prepared.

 Understand your Destination

Let’s face it, for most people, a travel medicine kit isn’t a top priority. But it should be. For a stress-free holiday, it is always a good idea to be prepared because you never know when you may need medication. There is no set way for a medication kit to be prepared and packed, our advice would be to always consider the destination of your vacation and the people you are travelling  with, like children, young adults or the elderly. 

For instance, the items in your kit will differ depending on whether you’re going on a well-planned sea vacation, a hike in the Amathole Mountains, or a trip to a malaria hotspot. Always check to see if the area you are visiting is a malaria hotspot; it is important to note that South Africa has malaria hotspots as well. The good news is that your pharmacist can assist you with over-the-counter malaria prevention medication if you do happen to travel to a region where the disease is prevalent.

Pack what you think you may need

You only need to pack small amounts of any medications you might need for your medical travel kit, along with some first aid supplies. This will last until you are able to replenish your supplies at a pharmacy or drug store. To save space, remove one or two strips of medication from their boxes and if you are unfamiliar with the dosage and contraindications, be sure to hold on to the inner box leaflet. Make sure to keep your personal medical needs in mind when packing; ensure you take along the appropriate medication, especially if you occasionally experience migraines or menstrual pain.


A well-stocked first aid kit will go a long way toward ensuring that you have a happy, healthy vacation. If you already have a first aid kit, go through it to see if any of the medications and ointments have run out and restock as necessary. It’s crucial to have all the emergency medical contacts saved in your phone, and if you’re travelling, do some research on the area and get the phone numbers for any hospitals and doctors’ offices that are close by. 

We have created a thorough checklist that will easily help get your medical travel kit in tip top shape.

Please remember to ask your pharmacist for any help you may need in personalising your travel kit.

medically summer ready
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