Faircape Health

Radiology / X-Rays

We have x-rays on site for a variety of indications which can include chest x-rays; x-rays for fractures of long bones; joint x-rays and x-rays to confirm the placement of naso-gastric tubes.

Our Radiology Services and Team

Our x-ray facility allows us to diagnose patients and perform certain medical processes at our sub-acute facility without the need for ambulance transportation.

Our radiology team can diagnose all forms of fractures, joint dislocations, and chest infections on-site.

Aided by our radiological equipment, our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is able to more comprehensively administer world-class care and help those suffering from orthopaedic conditions. We are also able to initiate appropriate treatment of patients who’ve slipped and fallen.

Our Locations offering Radiology

At Faircape Health we continue to expand our offerings and locations to provide world-class care to as many South Africans as possible. Radiology is available onsite at the following Faircape Health locations: