Faircape Health

Pathology / Blood Tests

Faircape Health performs blood tests on-site to gauge pathology, check nutritional deficiencies, inform treatment courses, and closely measure healing outcomes.

About our Pathology Services

We do basic blood and urine tests such as urine microscopy and sensitivity, full blood counts; renal function; as well as electrolytes and infection/inflammatory markers.

By performing specific blood and urine tests we can determine kidney function, cholesterol levels, electrolyte balances, monitor infection, as well as ascertain INR levels which informs Warfarin (blood thinning medication) dosing.

Our onsite pathology services allow our pathologists, along with our multidisciplinary team (MDT), to timeously provide the most tailored care possible to patients suffering from renal pathology, dehydration, hypertension, and more.

Our Locations offering Pathology

At Faircape Health we continue to expand our offerings and locations to provide world-class care to as many South Africans as possible. Pathology is available onsite at the following Faircape Health locations: