Discovery Vitality at Faircape Health

Faircape Health is now offering the full spectrum of Discovery Vitality assessments at our healthcare centres.

Would you like to earn up to 22 500 Discovery Vitality points?
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What assessments do we offer?

All these assessments will determine the patient’s Vitality age. If abnormalities are noted with the cholesterol, blood glucose or HIV test, blood will be sent to the laboratory for further analysis.


Checks and counselling:

Standalone tests:


The Vitality check is claimed from your medical aid, however, if you are a Vitality member the vitality benefit covers the Vitality check. If you have Discovery the payment is covered by their medical aid savings.

Each person is covered for one Vitality check annually.

Standalone Tests

Medical Aid Cover

Everything is claimed from medical aid as a vitality benefit. Additional tests e.g. the Lipogram and HBA1C are claimed from the medical savings account.

If you do not have Vitality the cost will be claimed from medical aid savings.

Want to earn an extra 1000 Vitality points? Book a 30-minute appointment with our dietitian and learn more about your nutrition.

Where will the assessments take place?

In the Clinic at our Healthcare Centre.

How do I book?

Please book online:

Please bring your medical aid card with you to your appointment.

Please visit the ‘Vitality’ tab on for more information or to join Vitality.